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In 2001, there was a group called the Alternative Learning Advisory Council (ALAC).  The group came together for Drug Free Community funding.  They began to work with a regional group, many located in Washington County, who were working on similar efforts. 

In 2006, 2 groups came together that shared a common vision..  Creating communities where citizens can live in a safe, healthy environment.
The group took on a name that was the truest reflection of organizational structure that brought them together and provided their guiding principals... Washington County Anti-Drug Coalition. 
This was derived from the national organization CADCA (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) and the State level organization  CADCAT (Community Anti-Drug Coalitions Across Tennessee).
We began to recognize that the name was not a COMPLETE reflection of who we are and what we do.  At times some thought we were a part of the Drug Enforcement Taskforce or the SWAT team, and it did not reveal our work towards prevention and promotion of positive behavior in the community.   
We began to consider ideas and names or phrase that would capture what we do.  To reflect that we do involves choices we utilized the name Washington County INSTEAD.  This stemmed from an event we put on, the INSTEAD celebration, a fun substance free community celebration.     However, this did not completely capture who the coalition was. 

We later rebranded based on input from members to Insight Alliance.  We work together and provide insight and support to issues. 
The Coalition operates under the leadership of an executive committee with support of partner organizations who also act as a fiscal agent for some of the funds that provide for very basic staffing and functioning of the Coalition:  In 2009, The Promise Center became our primary fiscal agency. 
While some funding for certain activities are provided for and supported by our staff, much of the effort goes towards supporting existing community events and organizations whose efforts will help bring a shared vision in to focus.
The collective work of the Coalition is found in the work of ALL of our PARTNERS.  There are agencies, organizations and individuals that represents several sectors in the community.  Here are some of them.. who are our partners around the table as well as in the community...

·          Johnson City Schools

·          NE Community Services Agency

·          Washington County Schools

·          Promise Center

·          City of Johnson City

·          TN Board of Probation & Parole

·          Frontier Health

·          Frontier Health /Magnolia Ridge

·          Johnson City Police Dept

·          Trinity Church of God

·          First Tennessee Human Resource  Agency

·          Johnson City Schools /LEAPs Program

·          Johnson City Juvenile Court

·          Boys to Men

·          Washington County Sheriff’s Office

·          Neighborhood Reconciliation Services

·          Mountain Home Neighborhood Organization

·          Communities In Schools/ Moral Kombat

·          Families Free

·          Carver Recreation Center

·          ETSU Counseling Center

·          ETSU Public Safety

·          ETSU Culp Center

·          ETSU, Psychology

·          ETSU, Rural Health

·          Good Samaritan

·          Coalition for Kids

·          Washington County Health Dept.

·          Contact Ministries

·          MADD

·          Children’s Advocacy Center

·          Ground-Zero: Get Connected

·          Minority Health Council

·          The Willows

·       NE TN Council on Children and Youth                                                                                            ·      The Chamber of Commerce