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Staff and Officers

Our Staff:

Jennifer Berven.  Director of the Promise Center and Insight Alliance..  Jennifer has been with us since October of 2007.  The duties of that position include being the director of the Coalition, managing the multiple funding sources that support coalition activities, planning and ensuring implementation of the plans and strategies chosen by the coalition. Duties also include making connections in the the community with various sectors, individuals and organizations who share a common mission with the Coalition and to facilitated partnerships to maximize the resources in the community and avoid duplication of efforts. Additionally as director of the Promise Center she manages all the requirements for maintaining the organization's non-profit status.

Joan Hoglund: Project Assistant.  Joan has been with us since late March of 2012.  She provides support for both of our programs and their projects.  She fills in when other staff is not available and she also provides administrative support.  She helps with data gathering and management, preparation before and follow up after events and attends meetings and events when the coordinators are not available.

Jason Abernathy CPRS:  Jason joined us in August of 2013.  He is the coordinator of the Lifeline Project.  He is responsible for the implementation and reporting out for the Lifeline Grant.

Daniella Davis: Daniella joined us in January of 2017.  She is the Project Coordinator for the Block Grant.  She graduated from ETSU in 2016 with a degree in Public Health.
Heatherly Sifford -,Washington Co Health Dept- Past Chair

Mist Crain - Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission   -  Chair
Kris Bowers, - Secretary / Treasurer