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April 30th       Not What The Doctor Ordered   1-2pm EDT  Webcast

The abuse of prescription drugs is quickly becoming an epidemic. They're easy to get and simple to distribute. Gone are the days when people need to go to a seedy street corner to get high. Now, they just need to go to a medicine cabinet or visit the doctor.    While many communities are just beginning to figure out how to handle this legal drug problem, anti-drug groups in Tennessee have had a head start. For years, Tennessee held the unwanted distinction as the nations top state for prescription drug abuse. That is changing, thanks to hard work and cooperation.

The people from Tennessee will share their experiences during this hour-long MCTFT broadcast. There will be no expert panel discussion, just advice from the people in the field.   Learn how citizens in Tennessee discovered the problem and took control. Hear from coalition leaders, law enforcement, doctors, pharmacists, insurance executives, and others. See what they did so you can bring it into your own communities.

April 29 Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit Meeting Location and Time TBA
Contact Elisa Britt for more information. 423-461-8006  britt@johnsoncitytnchamber.com
April 23  Adolescent Development and Alcohol: Brain, Body, Behavior and Cultural Context  3:00-4:15 p.m. EDT 
UDTEC April National Electronic Seminar 
Speakers: Dr. Ken Winters, Professor, Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, University of Minnesota-Fairview, and Robin Erz, Assistant Director, South Dakota Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
In part two of our look at the interaction between alcohol and the developing adolescent brain, we will discuss not only the latest research on the pre-adolescent and adolescent brain, but also other aspects of adolescent physiology and psychosocial development and how they interact in response to alcohol exposure. This information can help enhance work with law enforcement, parents, communities, and decision makers.

www.udetc.org/audioconfregistration.asp to register.*
April 16  Monthly Coalition Meeting   
Meeting Agenda         Meeting Minutes

April  9th  Follow-up planning for Prescription Drug Take Back  8:00 am  JC Senior Citizens Center


Call Jennifer if you plan to attend.  423-791-0232

April 8th   10th Annual Wellapalooza  10 am - 2 pm at ETSU

To be located at ETSU Amphitheatre and Pedestrian Mall. We encourage all coalition members to participate in this opportunity for outreach with college age students.  A fun atmosphere for students to participate in screening and educational activities focused on important student health issues (alcohol and drug use, physical activity, tobacco use, nutrition, STDs, stress, and chronic disease prevention).This event would be an excellent opportunity to advise people of your services as well as to recruit volunteers. Involvement.  Please read, fill out, and return the registration form (cllick here)  no later than March 18, 2009. Return information is on the form. If you have any questions, please call Meghan Noble or Jesse Barnhill at 423-439-4841.




To be held at Maxwell House Hotel.  Hosted by TENNESSEE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH COMMISSIONER’S COUNCIL ON INJURY PREVENTION AND CONTROL.  Who should attend? Counselors, School Nurses, Social Workers, Health Department staff, Health Department Educators, Hospital Educators, Extension Educators, Community Health Council members, Nurses, staff of Children’s Hospitals, Pediatricians

 Poisoning is the 3rd leading cause of death for Tennesseans. Education is the key to poison prevention. The focus of this one day symposium will be poisoning and poison prevention. There is no fee to attend.

Topics include: Types of childhood poisoning, Inhalant abuse, Methamphetamine, Prescription drug abuse, OTC abuse, Medication errors, and  
Poison prevention education resources

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT  Rose Boyd,  Injury Prevention and Control Program,  Tennessee Department of Health Phone: 615 741-2213, rose.boyd@state.tn.us


April 1st  Follow-up planning for Prescription Drug Take Back  7:45 am  Johnson City Senior Citizens Center


Call Jennifer if you plan to attend.  423-791-0232

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