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AUGUST 2008 Report

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 National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month 
Aug 26th Weed N Seed Meeting - Carver Recreation Center (Safe Haven)
Jennifer and Kathy will attend along with representatives of Johnson City Police Department (Greg Norris and Jada Purkey) , JC Juvenile Court (Sharon Stover), ETSU Public Safety (Jerry Hughes), BUCS Against Drunk Driving (Amanda Phillips), Science Hill HS students (Megan Phillips and Moriah Jones).  This will be a springboard into some planning for the next year around Underage Drinking campaigns and efforts.  See the program below. 
Aug 21st  Washington County Anti Drug Coaltion meeting   
August 15th   Friday Night at the Ball Park
We joined the Fraternal Order of Police and the Johnson City Schools PTA night at Cardinal Park. Richard Bales We distributed
215 hotdogs, along with
196 each of bags of chips, drinks, cookies, and sodas, and
46 waters to 
175 people.   
We had a display up with information with information about alcohol and steriods along with other information. 
BUCS Against Drunk Driving (BADD) distributed
50 prevention bracelets, 50 red drug free bracelets
Coalition information and other materials for parents.   We gave away
10 drug-free back packs.  
Thanks so much to the youth... Jordan Karn and Zach Marion from Boys to Men / The Refuge (& JC Schools students) who helped serve the hot dogs!  They did a great job and kept the line moving!  They even recruited a couple friends who wandered by to help out with a few things.  What great leadership! 
August 8th and 9th  Umoja Festival --  -- Freedom Hall Civic Center
August 5th   National Night Out -- Johnson City neighborhoods
Heatherly Sifford from Washington County Health Department shared our materials as they made their rounds in the neighborhoods. They estimate there was an estimate that 500 people, most of them youth were present.  During the event, on behalf of the Coaltion they distributed
--  200 prevention bracelets (stay smart, don't start)
--  82 1/2- sheet WCADC brochures
--  25 - full sheet WCADC brochures
--  25 sheets with prescription drug information for parents (how to dispose, how to monitor)
August 3rd  Life Skills Presentation -- Interfaith Hospitality Network. 
Neil Fisher from Frontier Health spoke to parents about how they can prevent their kids from getting involved with Drugs and Alcohol.  He shared the booklets Keeping Your Kids Drug Free  and Keeping Youth Drug Free along with some Red Bracelets for them to share with their kids.
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