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September Report 2008

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Mentoring Man Walk Seprtember 30th - WCADC Participation  Until October 31st, Michael Marion will be walking 100 days, 1000 miles for 10,000 kids. Learn more   Tuesday is the day of the week that he has desigated to walk for awareness of how alcohol, tobacco and drugs affect young people, and the importance of adult mentors in the life of a young person.   On Tuesday September 30th approx. 40 youth joined Michael on the last part of walk to raise awareness about how alcohol, tobacco and drugs can affect their lives, and to make a stand that they have chosen to keep those substances out of their lives. If you joined Michael on his walk at any other time, let us know about it here
The INSTEAD Celebration - The Refuge  3 pm - 7:30 pm  The early count is that 250 people gathered at The Refuge to celebrate.  The gathering was in celebration of recovery month, and a celebration of what people could do INSTEAD.  350 INSTEAD bracelets were distributed (stay smart, don't start) along with 160 hamburgers and 150 hotdogs (along with chips, lemonade, tea, and candy).  

 From beginning to end there was entertainment and opportunities for everyone to experience things that they could do INSTEAD.  From the start their was music which provided a nice backdrop to the earlier arrivers along with staff and youth in the afterschool program at the Refuge.   The attendees enjoyed music from musician and songwriter Ed Snodderly (guitar),  and Brandon Story (upright bass) from the band Catbird Seat.  Later Brandon  joined Roy Andrade (banjo) along with drummer Jeff Gardner to provide attendees and those dining with .  Roy engaged several of the young participants to "cluck" like chickens during the old time song "Cluck Old Hen.
Entertainment also included two shows from magician Eddie Brittain who wowed the youth and adults with his magic and message.  Storyteller David Klonch took the stage between musical acts with several tall tales that kept the crowd of kids captivated.  Inbetween his stories, he engage the youth in the message of the day "What could you do INSTEAD?"  and it lead up to the crowd simultaneously shouting out the phrase for the video camera.  During the entire event, Charter Media was present to capture activities that the Coaltion and it's members will use in future media and public service announcements.   click here to learn more about who participated
September 27th  Into-the- Streets  

Volunteer ETSU sponsored Into-the- Streets, a national initiative that offers students a powerful way to be introduced to community service and challenges them to volunteer on a regular basis.  If your organization participated in this opportunity, please let us know by clicking here

 Sept. 21-24th  Prevention Congress Gatlinburg or click here to see the brochure.  Kathy and Jennifer attended along with coaltions from across the state.  Coaltion members Kris Bowers and Cynthia Puckett from the Community Services Agency attended as well. 

  September 25th    National Electronic Seminar - Alcohol and the Developing Brain    click here for archival information 
One of the many compelling arguments for greater parent, educator and societal concern about the prevention of underage drinking is the damage that early onset drinking can do in impairing the development of the pre-adolescent and adolescent brain.  Emerging research suggests that different portions of the adolescent brain and its neurotransmitter systems are affected negatively by alcohol with both short and long term consequences.  These impacts range from damage to the brain centers for thinking, planning and learning, to changes in the structures of the brain that mediate pleasure and predispose youth to depression, addiction or alcoholism later on.
 Sept 25th CADCA (Comm. Anti-Drug Coaltions ofAmerica) TV Show on Teen Addiction Recovery for archive of the broadcast  click here

In 2007, 3.9 million people aged 12 or older received treatment for a drug or alcohol problem and 7.7 percent of youth ages 12-17 were dependent on or abused drugs, according to SAMHSA´s National Survey on Drug Use and Health. For many young people who are addicted to drugs, the road to recovery can be a long and bumpy one, requiring the support of the community and their families. A new CADCA TV, entitled Teen Addiction & the Path to Recovery, will explore the science behind teen addiction, the warning signs of addiction and steps that parents, teachers and other adults can take to help a teen achieve long-term recovery.

The hour-long show, aired originally Sept. 25 from 1-2 p.m. EST, will share successes and challenges that today’s teenagers and families face in overcoming addiction and living drug-free productive lives, and will highlight one teen’s powerful story of addiction and recovery. Viewers will leave with a deeper understanding of the power and possibility of recovery for teens struggling with alcoholism and drug dependencies, and of pro-social activities that can help teens achieve long-term recovery. 

September 18th  3:30 pm WCADC To view the agenda from this meeting  ; minutes  from this meeting


September 18 - 19, Suicide Prevention Symposium  Nashville, TN information click here  PDF Below  I

If any coalition members participated lets us know here

September 17th.  10 am - 2 pm ETSU Scoop on Service  PDF at the bottom of the page or here
Reached 200 college students, Surveyd 29 students under 21 and 31 students over 21.  
September 16th      NE TN Commission on Children and Youth  Kingsport Renaissance Center    STEP UP FOR KIDS DAY (national website)
STEP UP FOR KIDS DAY.  Meeting flyer   Kingsport Renaissance Center
September 11th  Recovery Conference Big Stone Gap, VA   brochure below or here  

 September 6th METH Conference     Attended by Coalition chair, Deanna Irick

September 3-4   September West Virginia conference on the Drug Endangered Child.  Charleston, WV

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