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CADCA TV Sept 25th

Featured panelists will include:
Paula D. Riggs, M.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD) and UCD’s Health Sciences Center
For the past decade, Dr. Riggs has been Director of Psychiatric Services for Adolescents at the UCD-affiliated Addiction Research and Treatment Services’ adolescent treatment programs. Dr. Riggs’ research career has focused on the development and test of effective pharmacotherapy and behavioral treatment interventions in adolescents with substance use disorders and psychiatric comorbidity. She is also currently Principal Investigator of a multisite trial in NIDA’s Clinical Trials Network- “A Randomized Controlled Trial of OROS-MPH for ADHD in Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders. In addition to her clinical research, Dr. Riggs is the author of numerous publications and also plays an active role in the mentoring, teaching, and training of medical students, psychiatric residents, and junior facility members.

Emmeline Hall, Age 18, Youth advocate in recovery
Emmy, a young adult in recovery, is now taking her experiences of drug and alcohol abuse to new levels by addressing the problem and talking with children and adults about the dangers of experimentation and substance abuse. Now 18, she is an active member in her local coalition’s “Take it back” program and has a strong desire to make a positive impact in her community. Emmy’s new focus has taken her from the streets to the podium, educating people about why teens begin using and how drugs affect you physically, socially and mentally. By sharing her own personal stories of struggles and strengths, Emmy continues to prove that it is possible to remain clean and sober.

Carlton Hall, Senior Manager of Training and Technical Assistance, CADCA’s National Coalition Institute, Washington D.C.
As one of the National Coalition Institute’s chief trainers, Carlton trains coalitions on community problem solving and is the primary trainer for CADCA’s National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI). CADCA’s National Coalition Institute offers a wide range of training and technical assistance to help increase the effectiveness of community coalitions across America. The NYLI helps coalitions build their capacity to foster youth leadership. Prior to joining CADCA, he was president and CEO of Carlton Hall Consulting LLC (CHC), a multi-faceted full service consulting organization designed to provide customized solutions and enable measurable change for communities, organizations, families and individuals. With over 10 years experience in fields of government, social services and prevention science, Carlton gained national prominence as a Communities That Care® Project Manager, for the Channing Bete Company. To learn more about the NYLI or Institute training programs, write to

The program will be webcast live at and at You can view this broadcast at no cost on the Web or from any site with a satellite dish having C-band downlink capabilities. All viewing sites must register in advance to receive the necessary satellite coordinates. To register, contact Ed Kronholm at 877-820-0305 or Web Site: