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Please don't call Fun Expedition!

  • Each night.. there will be Fun Expedition Staff, chaperon's, and law enforcement representatives to monitor the premises.This is to keep students safe from any outside influence or interference. 
  • Students must arrive to Fun Expedition within 1 hour of the end of their prom.  The may arrive as early as 11:30 pm.
  • They will could possibly change at home or if the distance is a problem, we will have the bathrooms and some changing rooms.    They can go lock their gowns and tuxes in their vehicle (this is the ONLY time they will be allowed to exit the building and this will be supervised.)
  • The sooner they arrive .. the sooner the fun starts!  They will sign in, and receive the refund of their $5 deposit in the form of a card to play ticket games.
  • If students leave they will NOT be permitted back into the building.  They will be asked to sign out.  If it indicates on the permission form they were to stay the whole night, we will make it clear that parents will be contacted (if indicated on the permission slip). According to law enforcement, we can ASK them to stay, but we can't physically stop them from leaving.  

11:30 - 4 amUNLIMITED GAMES and ACTIVITIES  (except games that give out prize tickets - which they can play using their $5 registration refund OR use their own money)

midnight - 1 am:  Pizza will be served!  We know a day of hairdo's, dressing up and and dancing can work up an appetite.  Other snacks and drinks will be available and there are vending machines there and students can use their own money.

2 am - 6 am: There will be a break area where students can sit and relax.  Light refreshments will be available.  Electronic games, board games, and cards will be available if the other activities start to wear them out. 

4:15 - ??:  At this point, we will start the game to win the car.  Mitch Walters is providing the opportunity for students to win the use of a car for 1 school year!   With a roll of the dice..if it spells W-I-N-N-E-R the big roller is the WINNER!  The car would be available for use from August - May (or 10,000 miles) and YES going away to college, the car can go as well.   We realize it would be great to win the car forever, but in this economy we are glad to have a prize at all that has 4 wheels!!

what if nobody rolls a WINNER?  the runner up will get 2 Tickets to the Bristol Race!!

While everyone is rolling there will be game tournaments, contests and drawings. 

6 am - 7 am:  Breakfast and winding down.  Final drawings.. and then everyone can drive off into the sunrise!