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April 2017

At the April 29th disposal results
Johnson City Police Department - 48 cars
123 lbs total lbs     .6 lbs of controlled substances

Jonesborough Fire Hall - 19 cars
78.59 lbs total lbs     .09.lbs of controlled substances

Gray Community Center - 8 cars
29.10 lbs total lbs     3.6 .lbs of controlled substances

Rid your home of unwanted, unused or expired medications.
Prescription and over-the counter medications can be 
diverted for use by teens or other people who seek to abuse
or sell them.  Help us raise awareness and keep your 
family, home and community safe.

59% of those who came brought at least 
1 controlled substance
                                                               In volume 9% of the items were controlled substances.
                                                                62% had never been to an event before
                                                                      Most heard about it on the TV or in the newspaper.