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DumDum Smartie Campaign

Washington Co Youth Leadership..
making people wiser at the Science Hill HS Homecoming and the Musket Bowl (Boone vs Crockett) .
Through the support of the WCADC, Boone and Crockett Students, AND Science Hill students involved with the  Coalition Youth Leadership representing SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) and LEAPS  observed football game attendees to if people are Smarties or Dum Dums.  Hopefully either  people became wiser.. safer drivers!

U  R  A 

                   if you…

BUCKLE UP --10, 000 lives are saved every year by wearing seatbelts - they increase survival rate during a crash by 50%.  Airbags alone will NOT keep you safe
DON'T RIDE WITH AN IMPAIRED DRIVER A recent survey indicated that about 28% of youth had ridden with an impaired driver
SLOW IT DOWN ON BACK ROADS..  42% of citations are in rural areas....most crashes with teen drivers occur in the city, but the majority of fatalities occur in rural settings.
DRIVE SAFELY  So far this year, less than 1% of crash fatalities were in Wash Co. and we are ranked 93 out of 95
ARE  CAREFUL GOING TO AND FROM SCHOOL .Most teen related crashes occur within 2 hrs of school starting and letting out
U  R  A       


                     if you…
SPEED Wash Co is in the TOP 25% of counties with high crash rates
DON'T WEAR A SEAT BELT  Every hour someone in the US dies because they didn't take 2 seconds to buckle up.48% of teen motorists involved in fatal crashes were not using their safety equipment properly
DRINK AND DRIVE  From '03 - 07 for every 1000 drivers 2 -3 of were in an alcohol related crash
TEXT, USE THE PHONE OR DRIVE DISTRACTED Teens in TN are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers the causes are mostly inexperience and driver distractions
DRIVE RECKLESSLY Tennessee had the 8th most teen driver deaths between 2003 and 2007.