About Us

We are Insight Alliance

We envision a safer, healthier community - through prevention.

Our mission goals include:

Staying Positive

Creating Change

Enhancing Partnerships

Building a Healthier Community

We accomplish our mission by developing and implementing strategies that change the knowledge, attitudes and practices of the community through a collaborative network with the following goals:

  • Preventing the onset and reducing the progression of substance use, including underage drinking

  • Reducing substance related problems

  • Building prevention capacities and infrastructure in Washington County

We are not a program or agency. We do not provide direct services to individuals, but we have member organizations that do. We DO, however, provide a service to our coalition members and the community at large by continuously examining substance related problem behaviors in the community, identifying the root causes and local conditions in order to develop strategies address those conditions, and reducing the consequences and impact that substance use and abuse has on the community.

The Insight Alliance and the fiscal agent The Promise Center do not directly serve individuals. We do strive to ensure participation in events, or projects provided by or associated with us are accessible and not limited due race, color or national origin.