Post date: Aug 11, 2008 1:39:6 PM

National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month

Aug 26th Weed N Seed Meeting - Carver Recreation Center (Safe Haven)

Aug 21 - 24 Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Conference - Nashville

Jennifer and Kathy will attend along with representatives of Johnson City Police Department (Greg Norris and Jaeda Burkey) , Washington County Schools (Roy GIllis), ETSU Public Safety (Jerry Hughes), BUCS Against Drunk Driving (Amanda Phillips), Science Hill HS students (Megan Phillips and Moriah Jones). This will be a springboard into some planning for the next year around Underage Drinking campaigns and efforts. See the program below.

Aug 21st Washington County Anti Drug Coaltion meeting

July Minutes and August agenda are below...

08/15/08 Friday Night at the Ball Park

The Fraternal Order of Police will be sponsoring the Johnson City Schools PTA night at Cardinal Park. 17 and under are Free and those who bring a donation of a school supply will get $1 off admission. We will be working with the FOP to provide hotdogs to the group.